Toyota Crown, A Contender

The journey of 1000 miles starts with one step, well welcome to step one. Like my description states, I have a thing for cars, I talk about them a lot, I look them up but what I enjoy most is getting behind the wheel of one. This will be my ( or our platform ) to talk about cars and have some fun while at it!
What better way to kick off my blog than talk about my the car I enjoyed most testing.......( so far )

The first time I saw the Toyota Crown ( it was Moi Ave btw ), I didn’t like it. Just from the appearance, it looked strange, it was long and was not a big fan of the tail lights ( I know, the reasons are lame and I might be reaching a little, I just didn’t like the car, okay? ). Then again, never judge a book by its cover right? Here are my thoughts on the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon.

The unit I got my hands on was a 2007 model with a 3 litre V6 engine. Let me type that again, a rear wheel drive 3 litre V6 engine. I can already sense the excitement on the car enthusiasts reading this, ya’ll need to calm down and let me break it down for you (yes, it can do burn outs). I'm thinking Toyota were going for a luxury with this car and damn they came close. I have no complaints with the engine, I mean it’s sufficient, bordering overpowered. It’s a six speed semi-automatic which will accelerate this car to 100kph in slightly under 7 seconds. (I actually tried it). I know Top Gear fans reading this are probably thinking "that’s slow", in truth it is, compared to a Mclaren 720s, but it will give most cars on Kenyan roads a run for their money. This car is fast, no other way to put it, you always get power on demand. ( Even with the AC on, more on this in the next article ). By now you can tell I like this engine and the performance it offers.( Fun fact, someone at Toyota thought that the 3l wasn’t powerful enough and decided to build one with a 4.6l v8, I mean really? Sounds like overkill, right? Don’t get me wrong though, I’d love to get my hands on it!!)

When I said luxury sedan, I didn’t mean to get your hopes up and start imagining some leather stitched finish with two LCD monitors and massaging seats. Nah, it’s still a Toyota ( saying that in the nicest way possiblebecause recently, they have stepped up their game, case in point, the new lx 450h), but it does a good job. It has a clean interior and you get dual zone climate control (this means that the rear passengers get to control their AC), a cool box (which works surprisingly well), electrically adjustable seats, a couple of DC outlets ( where you normally charge your phones ), quite a number of airbags and a lot of vents for the air conditioning. For a 2007 model, this car is well loaded. Also it has traction control and ECT ( Electronically Controlled Transmission basically means the automatic transmission will only change gear when the rev counter is red lining or let’s just say, switch it on if you want to get somewhere fast ).

Fuel consumption on the other hand is nothing spectacular ( Guyz, it’s a 3l ). The owner managed to get it to around 13km/l ( driving very gingerly I presume ), I on the other hand managed to somehow get it as low as 8km/l ( shocking, I know ). I keep on saying though, fuel consumption will be determined greatly by how gentle you are on the accelerator. My point is, it’s a big engine, of course it will need a lot of fuel to run, no two ways about it.

Comfort, what can I say, the seats are well designed, you feel like you are in the seat really, not just on it ( hope am making sense ), it’s like the seats are slightly hugging you. For long trips, it gets the job done, doesn’t matter what seat you are on, as long as you are in it, you will be comfortable. I would highly suggest carrying a maximum of 4 passengers to get the best ride off it. Speaking of the ride, it is very smooth, although on rougher terrains it gets a bit choppy.

The ride height is low, so don't go around climbing mountains with this car. Something to note though, this car was meant to be low, I have seen a couple of people raise their crowns and as a result succeeded in making them ugly! Part of the appeal of Toyota is that they make their cars rugged, this on the other hand doesn't feel rugged. It feels fragile especially with the increase in the number of electronic parts. For instance the touch screen has so many controls and if that fails, a lot is locked out.

Right, I have gone on long enough on this car so let’s wrap this up. I really like this car, you could probably tell. For me, this is genuinely a contender in a market dominated by German machines. How much do I like it? C200, 320i and the Crown? I would spend my money on the crown, ( just hear me out......). It’s a Toyota so that alone means, easily available spare parts, let’s not forget cheaper to maintain in the long run. With this car, you aren’t missing out on much!

I like this car, a lot, and it’s a 2007 model. I saw pictures of the 2018 model and damn….. how much better can it get? ( PS, anyone with that 4.6l Majesta, hit me up😉 )

Next we have a legend coming to our blog, an Icon on the Kenyan roads........ STAY TUNED!


  1. Well detailed review. A virtual test drive.

  2. I love ❤️❤️❤️... Jeremy Clarkson speaking

  3. Nice piece
    Waiting for the videos

  4. This is a well detailed review..good job 💖

  5. Nilijua lazima uanze na crown ��

  6. Pretty interesting stuff mate. If you continue like this, soon you'll be doing video reviews!

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