The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado… I know the first thing that pops into your mind is probably some dignitary being driven around in this beast ( My Kenyan readers will definitely relate ). It's reputation precedes it ( both good and bad ), but the question is, does it live up to it? Here are my thoughts on this Legend.
The unit I got to test was a 2012 model with a 2.7l V6 engine and getting right to it, this model makes very little sense to me. I love performance and I love luxury what this car offers is a halfhearted attempt at luxury and just no attempt at performance.(Before the people at the back crucify me let me break it down.. ) This car is massively under-powered, I mean the 2.7l engine for a car this size doesn’t quite cut it. Short story, while testing this unit, I had the AC on, cruising along at speeds of around 80 km/h I decided to overtake the car in front of me. Like any experienced driver (which I am), I indicate, switch lanes then floor the accelerator. Normally you'd expect a reaction but nothing happened…. Literally, nothing!!(Hehe, guys I can't make this up) The speed remained constant, the rev meter didn’t even flinch… to cut a long story short, I had to switch back lanes, switch off the AC then try again, which was then characterized by a lot of noise and very little acceleration. I genuinely don’t like this engine, it's mediocre at best. (If you are interested in 0 – 100 km/h times, it is a long time, like really long, ladies and gentlemen, it takes a while. In any case, if you are considering getting a TX, 0-100 km/h times shouldn’t feature anywhere in your criteria!)
I am tempted to talk about fuel consumption but I will give a short summary on my experience. I asked the owner why he opted for the 2.7l engine and he was on about fuel consumption, which may be a valid point but am not too sure you will save a significant amount of fuel if you are constantly red lining the rev counter to get any sort of performance ( by red lining the rev counter I mean really accelerating hard and not getting enough speed to accompany it, but then again, maybe I drive like a maniac (highly unlikely)). I did a Google Search on the fuel consumption though and it was around 8 km/l, not that great. (Google aside, I believe fuel consumption greatly depends on how gentle you are with your right foot!!)
Interior *sigh*, remember that halfhearted attempt I talked about earlier? Yea, nothing spectacular to write home about. Still a lot of plastic, barely any leather( this though depends on the unit you go for ), an average center console and good speakers at best. I was lucky enough to experience all the three rows (yes, it was a 7 seater) and free advice, DON’T USE THE LAST ROW!!  PLEASE! JUST DON’T, unless you are a child, in which case I don’t think you have that much control on where you sit (and welcome to my blog😉). The back seats are OKAY and the leg room is sufficient. I actually enjoyed the driver’s seat most. 
The ride is comfortable, it was actually good I can’t complain. Long trips will be bearable, borderline great in one of these (just wish the seats were better). The ground clearance is just…. Listen, it’s a Prado. It will probably take you anywhere on the face of the earth ( possible hyperbole but you get the idea ). It’s an All-wheel drive, with locking differentials (makes all the difference when it comes to off-roading ). Toyota make these cars as rugged as possible and where the road ends, you will probably be better off in one of these.
Alright let’s wrap this up, what am I raving on about, the Toyota Land cruiser Prado is a tough car, if you frequently go off road, this car will get the job done, No hustle. If you travel long distances and you are after comfort and performance, then this might not be a car you want to consider. The ride will be VERY comfortable but the seats and the performance will let you down. I would probably suggest a sedan, maybe an Audi, or even a crown ( yes, I went there)
I have to say though, I would 100 percent recommend this car. People, listen, even with the terrible engine and the average luxury, the utility this car offers is unrivaled. If you can get this car with a slightly bigger engine (and maybe with a turbo charger) then the tone of this article would have been so different, but that aside, it's a TX, it will probably outlive you. So if this is your dream car, Captain Ace approves it, wake up and go get it! 

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