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Yes, another Subaru

Alright, so a few days after testing the Exiga ( oh here is the link ), I got a chance to spend a couple of hours with a Subaru Impreza Anesis ( yes, another Subaru ). For the sake of the article, we will call it the Impreza. ( The Anesis name refers to the body type which was a sedan ). Listen, I am on a mission to understand why the Subaru badge has a reputation and if these allegations hold any water. Short story, so while testing this unit, I stopped somewhere by the road to try take a picture ( not my best work in truth but they will get better ), while doing this some random guy approached me asking if everything was okay. Nothing was wrong,  he went ahead and asked if i could give him a lift, like 500 meters ahead, so I agreed. His first comment “Yoh Subarus are legit awesome, but I take alcohol and after a few near death experiences, I decided to sell mine and get another car”.( I know, this is wrong on so many levels, I mean why are you drinking and driving? And ho

might be a Subaru but, don't race it

Alright……. So over the years, I have constantly fought and lost a battle against my dad. Every time he wants to buy a new car ( which rarely happens btw ), I have always drifted towards a Subaru, but he never got one, okay that sounded like an oversimplification, he never actually gave me any sort of audience when it came to owning a Subaru. He has his reasons, I think, he just won’t express them in actual words! ( I know! ). So I am going to use this platform to try and clear Subaru's name, I am a man on a mission (  y'all can guess who will be the first person to get a like to this article lol😆 ). Recently I got my Hands on a Subaru Exiga ( not what ya'll were expecting huh? ) and here are some of my thoughts on it. The unit I got to test was a 4-speed automatic with a 2l engine. The car is a 7 seater so clearly they had a target market in mind. I am thinking a family car, which can carry a lot of people or a lot of luggage or both. Now purely based on the