A Classic

Alright, Today’s piece is something special, but short, after all it’s a new month, I would not want to take up too much of your time. Before I dive deep into this, do check out some of my work, so far the TX  article is sparking so much controversy, so click here to join the conversation. Go on, check it out then come back, I will wait for you……

Back so soon huh? Now compare that piece to this because this, this is a classic. The unit I got to test is an eight cylinder engine people, finally we have an 8 cylinder engine in our blog (Petrol heads, y'all definitely came to the right place today). The torque figures are crazy and the power it produces, just damn right absurd. The colour of this unit was some shade of yellow, unique isn't the term I would use to describe it, but it is very noticeable. Now this car impresses even more, it's diesel powered (so fuel will be cheaper) and get this, it seats more than 5 (family car maybe? Check my piece on a family car I did here is the link). It’s actually a 1996 model but runs like it's half its age. I have to admit though, this is not the fastest car I have tested, it will do 0-100km/h in……… yeah, I don’t think it will reach 100km/hr so that stat doesn’t apply but like I said it has a lot of power (focusing on the positives). The gear changes require some getting used to, given how old it is, I am not shocked. I know by now you might be wondering what car this is but stay with me a little longer, in due time it will be revealed.
Might be a Rolls Royce because of these headlights, do you not see the resemblance? (Oh I have also done a piece on a comfortable sedan too, check it out here).

What impressed me most with this car are its brakes, I promise you if you brake hard enough, you will go thru' that windscreen, I legit mean that. Its major downside, is that it depends on pressure to do a lot of things.
The ride is pretty standard, it has awesome ground clearance, I would describe this car as a work horse. The cornering is tricky because your sitting position is right above the front wheels, so you will have to be really careful with it.

Would I recommend it, I mean if you like the 8 cylinders in a car (the noise it makes is just phenomenon) and maybe if you have a school.

Happy new month!! Take it easy, it’s 1st April.


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