might be a Subaru but, don't race it

Alright……. So over the years, I have constantly fought and lost a battle against my dad. Every time he wants to buy a new car (which rarely happens btw), I have always drifted towards a Subaru, but he never got one, okay that sounded like an oversimplification, he never actually gave me any sort of audience when it came to owning a Subaru. He has his reasons, I think, he just won’t express them in actual words! (I know!). So I am going to use this platform to try and clear Subaru's name, I am a man on a mission ( y'all can guess who will be the first person to get a like to this article lol😆). Recently I got my Hands on a Subaru Exiga (not what ya'll were expecting huh?) and here are some of my thoughts on it.
The unit I got to test was a 4-speed automatic with a 2l engine. The car is a 7 seater so clearly they had a target market in mind. I am thinking a family car, which can carry a lot of people or a lot of luggage or both. Now purely based on the intended target market, the engine gets the job done. It’s not over the top and neither is it under-powered. Let me just make this disclaimer right away, this might be a Subaru but, don't race it, all you petrol-heads out there, this is not one of those. It is not overly fast because that’s not what it was meant for. It will accelerate quickly off the line (hugely due to the fact that it’s All wheel drive) but at around 80kph, the acceleration slows down drastically, and yes, I am okay with that ( I don't want my future wife over-speeding with our family at the back screaming, nah, any of you want that? ). I only wish it had more gears, I think to an extent the 4 gears hurt the fuel consumption.
Speaking of fuel consumption, I had the car for around 14 hrs and on average I was doing about 11km/l, which in my books is an alright return for what it offers. I was actually shocked because somehow, this badge is normally linked to high fuel consumption. Am thinking on highways it can only get better.
I have to point out, the unit I tested was rather low, and when the going got tough, it struggled on the rougher roads. Which if you look at it beats the whole point of having an All Wheel drive Car if the only place you can drive it is on tarmac road!!!!!(*exhales deeply*). If you will use it in towns, you might get away with it, but if its on tougher terrain, maybe get some spacers…. Or Get the more expensive Outback ( which I really like btw, can’t wait to get my hands on it ). The ride was surprisingly comfortable, the engine isn’t the quietest out there (still think it has something to do with that Subaru badge) and still won’t produce that thrilling sound when you put your foot down (and like I said, target market, not for you enthusiast).  For long trips the Exiga gets the job done at its recommended Pace. (That felt like telling someone "you are beautiful in your own way😆")
Now a few things that I noticed on the car. It is semi-automatic, so if you want some thrill in a 7 seater station wagon, you can switch it up. I mean I wouldn’t recommend it, because it will be underwhelming, but all in all, it is there. (PS, it will only let you change gears when it feels that you should, make of that what you will). It has an Eco button, which aims to aid in fuel consumption (to be honest, I didn’t feel any difference while it was on or off. I don’t know if it's a gimmick but it is there). The speakers are decent (almost good) and the infotainment system is good (and by this I mean it can be awesome bar the fact that it’s all in Japanese). So one thing I found annoying is the fact that, when you lock the car manually, only the door you are locking will be locked, the other three will not, so you have to lock them manually while in the car before stepping out and locking the driver’s door (It has a remote but still….). Lastly, my biggest issue, my deal breaker is how it looks. This isn’t the most attractive 7 seater out there (Hehe, it really isn't). The back is just lazy design. (I get that looks are subjective, but that’s just my humble opinion)
Now let’s wrap this up, The Subaru Exiga, is a family car, it is practical, it is powerful enough and comes with the added advantage of being an All Wheel Drive car (which is a strong selling point). It not only gets the job done but does it better than most in its class. Although if you are a thrill seeker, THIS AIN'T IT CHIEF! Would I recommend it, ( if you can excuse the looks ) YES, for its target market, there aren’t many better. 
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  1. Great stuff. Hio nmeijua leo

  2. I like the article. More so how u end it wth my Name 😎

  3. You got it. I love its grip on the road thoug, 140kph feels as comfortable as 80kph

  4. Nice stuff Chief. Drive on.

  5. U are amazingly on point with this brother...the Exiga is surely the choice for family.....Great!

  6. Eish! I really enjoyed reading through this one :)

  7. Wow. There is a lot you have explained about Subaru Exiga. I had a 2012 Subaru Exiga which I had to let go just because of the gears. But the power in it is real man. I enjoyed every drive in it.


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