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JLR Experience Pt 2

Oh, Welcome back and thank you for being so patient. No chit chat this time, let's dive in ( or should I say, let's drive in? ). To get you all caught up,  here  is the link to the first part of our three part mini series. Today, it's about the big dogs in the yard; The Range Rover Sport, The Range Rover Velar and The Jaguar F pace. I have grouped these three together because they go about the business of speed and performance very differently. I mean with these cars, you could leave home late and get to work 5 mins early….( Slight exaggeration but you get the point. ) Jaguar F-pace The Jaguar F pace is bigger than the E pace but the model I tested shares the same engine. It is a 2 liter diesel I4 engine. Inline engines are just a different engine configuration to the V, ( basically how the cylinders are arranged ).The guy I talked to mentioned fuel economy and emissions as part of the reasons for using Inline configuration as opposed to the V configuration, ( I

JLR Experience Pt 1

First of all, shout out to the people at Jaguar, Land Rover and Inchcape for making this possible. Lets start from the beginning, the involved stake holders organized this event to allow us, or rather any interested party to come and see what they have going on. However, this wasn’t your average car show, they not only let us see the cars, they went ahead and let us get a feel of their cars, in a nut shell, the experience was simply amazing. Oh, just so you know, they were offering a 4 million shilling discount on their units during the three day event. ( Yes, I said 4 million, you read that right. Moving on Swiftly……. ). The cars I got to test were; The All New Discovery, The Range Rover Sport, The Range Rover Evoque, The Discovery Sport, The Jaguar F-Pace, The Jaguar E-Pace and lastly The Range Range Rover Velar…. Not a bad line up for an upcoming blogger huh? Disclaimer, I am not in a position to give detailed reviews on each of the vehicles since the time allocated on each unit

A Classic

Alright, Today’s piece is something special, but short, after all it’s a new month, I would not want to take up too much of your time. Before I dive deep into this, do check out some of my work, so far the TX   article is sparking so much controversy, so click here to join the conversation. Go on, check it out then come back, I will wait for you…… Back so soon huh? Now compare that piece to this because this, this is a classic. The unit I got to test is an eight cylinder engine people, finally we have an 8 cylinder engine in our blog ( Petrol heads, y'all definitely came to the right place today ). The torque figures are crazy and the power it produces, just damn right absurd. The colour of this unit was some shade of yellow, unique isn't the term I would use to describe it, but it is very noticeable. Now this car impresses even more, it's diesel powered ( so fuel will be cheaper ) and get this, it seats more than 5 ( family car maybe? Check my piece on a family car I