JLR Experience Pt 2

Oh, Welcome back and thank you for being so patient. No chit chat this time, let's dive in (or should I say, let's drive in?). To get you all caught up, here is the link to the first part of our three part mini series.
Today, it's about the big dogs in the yard; The Range Rover Sport, The Range Rover Velar and The Jaguar F pace. I have grouped these three together because they go about the business of speed and performance very differently. I mean with these cars, you could leave home late and get to work 5 mins early….(Slight exaggeration but you get the point.)

Jaguar F-pace
The Jaguar F pace is bigger than the E pace but the model I tested shares the same engine. It is a 2 liter diesel I4 engine. Inline engines are just a different engine configuration to the V, (basically how the cylinders are arranged).The guy I talked to mentioned fuel economy and emissions as part of the reasons for using Inline configuration as opposed to the V configuration, (If you'd want to read an article on these configurations, drop a comment). Given the limited amount of time I had with this car, I immediately put it in dynamic mode (which is the equivalent of race mode), switched the transmission to semi-automatic and opened it up. This car is fast no doubt, but that isn't even its highlight. The throttle response is sharp and so are the gear shifts. This car felt light, it felt agile (sporty might be a a better term), the whole time it kept telling me to show it what I got. It wanted to be pushed to its very limits, it wanted to flex on how good it does this performance thing. Oh, you know I enjoyed every bit of that, within reason of course. I will be honest with you guys, the performance of these vehicles are so impressive, I barely had enough time to look at anything else. (That said I will probably do a bonus article on the features I noticed). This was probably the most exciting to drive out of the lot.

RR Sport
Now let's switch over to the Range Rover Sport. How should I describe this car, because it does things it should not be able to. The Sport is by no means a small car. It is one chunky lad but it moves like an actual sport car. The Sport Badge thrown on it is definitely not a gimmick, it's actually worthy of that tag. It is genuinely a strange feeling reconciling what the car feels like and what it's actually doing. Stay with me and let's break it down. The car starts off feeling very bulky, you can feel the engine trying to pull the car when accelerating. This feeling then suddenly changes and the car picks up so much speed (partly due to the turbo charging but still impressive nonetheless). This leaves you confused for a second but let me assure you it gets stranger. Unlike the F pace that is sharp and sporty, this one is big, massive is the other term but somehow handles all that weight with so much poise and precision. This is that fat kid who can run, dance and is generally as active as the other kids. It's NOT out to encourage you to go fast, it instead waits until you want to go fast and then handles every thing you throw at it. Your mind will tell you to slow down but I assure you the car will outperform your mental limits. It will give you the impression it can not perform, but blow your mind with how good it actually is. It is comfortable, it offers so much room both at the back and at the front. This only means it can do both long trips and still offer excitement while at it (The best of both worlds maybe?). I would go out on a limb and say, this car is the best out of the seven I got to drive.

The car of the moment, the car that
RR Velar

everybody wanted to test, The Range Rover Velar!!!!! Let me break down the numbers. This was a 3.0 litre supercharged V6 petrol engine, now most people have had experiences with turbo chargers but not superchargers. The difference is, with superchargers, the additional power is instant. It experiences no lag and I never knew how addictive instant power is until I got into this car, (Let me know in the comments if I should do a piece on superchargers vs turbochargers). Out of all of them, this definitely accelerates fastest (or at least it felt like it did). The ride is super comfortable due to air suspensions (This is fairly new technology, but I will talk more about it later). The interior is by far the best of the seven. Disclaimer though, these models have higher specifications on offer, but I will only talk about the ones I have tested. The Velar is a thing of beauty, from the leather seats to the touchscreens to the transparent roof to the windscreen display added to the interior finish and the supercharged engine, This car is really a good place to be in. Something really cool I noticed was the tint on this car, especially on the windscreen. You can't see who is driving but while driving it, you wouldn't know its tinted. The technology this car offers was the latest of the lot, but due to the time constraint, again, I could not explore all of it. Do stick around though, we are not done yet.....


  1. this is some serious stuff mate...maybe you can throw in a hypothesis about the off road performance of these babies.


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