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A Hybrid

Alright, I will have you know that we have something special lined up for you today. It's always fun talking about cars especially common cars because fans usually have opinions about them. I can only go as far as sharing my own personal experience with them and try and demystify all those myths floating around. For the longest time, I have had it in mind that the Toyota Harrier, despite being a good car, it is a guzzler i.e its fuel consumption is higher than one would expect. Is this all there is to the Harrier? Let's find out..... The specific unit I got to test was the second generation Harrier with a 3.3liter V6 engine. In my stereotype of Harriers being fuel guzzlers, I always disliked the 2.4-litre engine because I thought it was the root cause. So when I knew the engine this car had, I thought to myself this is going to be good. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, it was . I will come back to this later on in the article so by all means, do stick around.  Moving

Out in the Back

So I made it my mission to go out there and clear the reputation Subaru has. All the judgment, all the stereotype and all the prejudice towards this badge need to be demystified. Who better to do it than the Captain himself?? Disclaimer, this might be a two-part journal but let’s see how much we can share concerning my next entry ( oh, it’s a good one, actually, do me a favour, share the link to this article first, then come back, I promise you I will wait….. ) ( Have you shared the link because this car is really special…. We don’t want your friends hating you for not sharing this link… you can do it, we all believe in you!! No one wants to be left out in the back, sharing is caring. Thank you! ) Subaru Outback. ( Image from Wikipedia ) Let’s get into this Guys, it’s the Subaru Outback ( shout out to Dr Dan for letting me spend some time with his car ). In one of my articles, ( here is the link  to it ), I stated how much I wanted to check out this car. I mean I had a rough

JLR Experience Part 3

On to the third instalment. If you don't know how we got here, fear not, the Captain's got you. For the first article do click  here , you will be all caught up. We are pretty much at the end of our experience and the only two vehicles remaining are; The All New Discovery and The Discovery Sport. Here we go...... All New Discovery  The All New Discovery. Right off the bat, I will go ahead and say this is one huge car. Sitting in this car is literally riding high. The driver's seat offers a great vantage point to look down upon the other peasants on the road. ( Okay, before you crucify me, don't let the joke go over your head ). Now back to the business at hand, that is, driving this car, I will be the first to admit, I did it all wrong. I got in, set the transmission to semi-automatic, put it in first and floored the accelerator. Immediately, the car took off, I mean it's no slouch. The 3l turbocharged V6 engine offered enough power and I knew this car could