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Alright, I will have you know that we have something special lined up for you today. It's always fun talking about cars especially common cars because fans usually have opinions about them. I can only go as far as sharing my own personal experience with them and try and demystify all those myths floating around. For the longest time, I have had it in mind that the Toyota Harrier, despite being a good car, it is a guzzler i.e its fuel consumption is higher than one would expect. Is this all there is to the Harrier? Let's find out.....
The specific unit I got to test was the second generation Harrier with a 3.3liter V6 engine. In my stereotype of Harriers being fuel guzzlers, I always disliked the 2.4-litre engine because I thought it was the root cause. So when I knew the engine this car had, I thought to myself this is going to be good. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, it was. I will come back to this later on in the article so by all means, do stick around.
 Moving steadily to the interior, this is not a very recent car so don’t expect state of the art interior. The dashboard was underwhelming, and may I just ask why all these Japanese cars have everything in Japanese? (I mean it’s probably because they are Japanese cars but still…. It is so tedious trying to figure out what everything means). The car keys aren’t really keys, its more like a remote that is slotted somewhere on the right (reminds me of some BMW sedan I once parked, and yeah, If you want me to write a piece on me parking a BMW, let me know ;) ), I found that oddly satisfying. On placing the key in its slot you can go ahead and push the start/stop button. Something that I noticed was definitely out of place was the side mirror controls. These were placed to the left of the driver instead of the right. I guess they had to shift them because of the Keys, it took some getting used to. The central console was not spectacular in any way but it's not like I have anything against it. (for its time, it was probably awesome?)
The ride, I did not expect it to be as good as it was. This car was meant for long ass trips. The Cabin doesn’t offer a lot of luxury, just enough room to make the journey bearable. Couple that with how smooth it rides, I cannot complain at all.
I have just now noticed that talking about this car felt like talking about a million other cars, but this unit has something to separate it from the rest. This was the hybrid version, so not only does it have a power train, but also has electric power. Now how this works is so intriguing, allow me to break it down for you.
On pressing the engine Start/Stop button, nothing happens apart from the dashboard indicating “READY”. I promise you the feeling of putting a dead silent car on Drive needs some getting used to. True to its words, it was actually ready and it will move. How this works is that, under around 60kph, the car will run on battery power (now this is not usually the case, sometimes when you accelerate hard enough, the engine will kick in regardless of what speed you are in). The battery runs the rear wheels and whereas the powertrain (or engine) will run the front wheels, which essentially, makes this an AWD car (with that I have also explained what e-four means, if you ever see it anywhere, you now know, welcome). When the Engine kicks, the additional power is pretty hard to miss, these two working together translates to better fuel economy and even better acceleration. While braking, this goes ahead to produce more energy to charge the batteries on the car. On the fuel economy, the car indicated it was doing 9km/l, which I immediately dismissed because the hybrid system ought to offer better, (waaaaay better). Upon searching the web, the consumption should be in the regions of 17km/l or higher (I mean that is good for a car this size).
So let us wrap this up people, The harrier e four, seats 5, very comfortable, has sufficient power and very economical. Let me know if I missed anything on this unit or just any sort of feedback.
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  1. Siku moja nitaendesha hii pia

  2. You need to talk about pricing, the wheels, and why should someone buy it and not something like a vanguard 7seater (just an example)

  3. I Appreciate the feedback mate.


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