JLR Experience Part 3

On to the third instalment. If you don't know how we got here, fear not, the Captain's got you. For the first article do click here, you will be all caught up. We are pretty much at the end of our experience and the only two vehicles remaining are; The All New Discovery and The Discovery Sport. Here we go......

All New Discovery
 The All New Discovery. Right off the bat, I will go ahead and say this is one huge car. Sitting in this car is literally riding high. The driver's seat offers a great vantage point to look down upon the other peasants on the road. (Okay, before you crucify me, don't let the joke go over your head). Now back to the business at hand, that is, driving this car, I will be the first to admit, I did it all wrong. I got in, set the transmission to semi-automatic, put it in first and floored the accelerator. Immediately, the car took off, I mean it's no slouch. The 3l turbocharged V6 engine offered enough power and I knew this car could definitely move. As I went up through the gears, it all felt wrong. The car could do this speed thing but I got the feeling it didn't want to. Let me use an analogy to make sense of what I am on about. If you were late for a meeting, unlike the F-pace that would want to see how early it would get there, this car would prefer you called ahead and inform them that you will be running late. I then put it in drive and just cruised along. This was the right call because the car came alive, it felt at home and felt comfortable doing what it does best. The All New Discovery, from my experience, was meant to eat up kilometres and do it with so much poise and comfort. This is one comfortable car and I promise you the long trips in this will leave you feeling better than when you started.
The other advantage to this car is that it seats 7 so it definitely has enough room and that it also has fairly new tech in it, definitely up to date.

Now, moving on to the last machine, The Discovery Sport, I have to admit, we found this car the least interesting out of the bunch. The car isn't awful don't get me wrong but comparing it to the rest, it definitely felt lacking. First of all, I don't think it's worthy of the sport name because it is not as exciting. It felt less responsive, it felt slower and for the base model, the interior felt really cheap. The plastic all over did not help its case. Listen, I wish I'd have spent more time with this car, maybe I could have had more to write about it, but so far, It was the least interesting. If anyone out there reading my blog might want one of these machines, I will have you know, this is not it.
I would hate to end this series on a low, so I won't. A few things worth noting before we wind up, the indicator switch which is normally placed on the right, in these cars they reside to your left. Took me a while to adapt to that because I kept turning on the wipers every time I wanted to indicate. The other thing is the handbrake,  it isn't your conventional handbrake. It is hard to explain how they are on paper but they can engage automatically when you put the car in Park. (I found that really intuitive)
All in all, these are High-end cars and are super loaded. I was joking with my friend telling him this experience ruined cars for me because they just showed me how good, cars can be. All in all, a big shout out to Inchcape for this experience and looking forward to spending more time with these cars.....
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