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So I made it my mission to go out there and clear the reputation Subaru has. All the judgment, all the stereotype and all the prejudice towards this badge need to be demystified. Who better to do it than the Captain himself?? Disclaimer, this might be a two-part journal but let’s see how much we can share concerning my next entry (oh, it’s a good one, actually, do me a favour, share the link to this article first, then come back, I promise you I will wait…..)
(Have you shared the link because this car is really special…. We don’t want your friends hating you for not sharing this link… you can do it, we all believe in you!! No one wants to be left out in the back, sharing is caring. Thank you!)
Subaru Outback. (Image from Wikipedia)
Let’s get into this Guys, it’s the Subaru Outback (shout out to Dr Dan for letting me spend some time with his car). In one of my articles, (here is the link to it), I stated how much I wanted to check out this car. I mean I had a rough idea on what it was on about but it was nothing compared to my experience with it. (Ha-ha, let me save you the read and summarize the article right here, I love the Subaru Outback, feel free to buy two!!).
Nah, I have to break it down for you so let’s break it down. The unit I got was a six-speed, fourth generation (2009-2014) with a 2.5l (2500cc) H4 engine (yes, it’s not a V4, if you want me to highlight the difference, drop a comment). This engine is good enough and power will never be an issue. Actually, in truth, the performance of this car is not even the highlight of this article, but I will give a summary on it. So the car has this SI drive thing that gives you three modes you can drive the car in. The Intelligent drive is the default mode, then the other two are Sport and Sport Sharp. Now I am tempted to go in-depth on these modes but the explanation I will give should bridge the knowledge gap. In a nutshell, in Intelligent mode, the car actually underperforms intentionally (I know!!!!), Sport mode slightly improves the performance and believe it or not, improves the fuel consumption (according to Wikipedia at least, take this with a grain of salt ). To be honest the difference between the first two modes, they claim it's there, I guess it is, I don’t know, I didn’t feel it, or it was too subtle. Now in the Sport Sharp mode, the difference was notable, the throttle response was sharp, and so were the gear changes. Hurts the consumption but makes the drive so much fun (now couple that with the flappy paddle shift, the thrill exists people, it’s a whole lot of fun).
This is a fast car, but what really makes this car one of my favourites is the utility it offers. The owner was going for a Subaru Forester but ended up leaving the car bazaar with this beast. Only goes to show how much it offers to be able to compete with its bigger brother. This car is in between the legacy and the forester. It is aimed to offer ‘sportiness’ and utility and it does that very well. The ride height is good making it good for off-road and yes, it comes with all-wheel drive (adding to its utility)
What impressed me though was how much tech this car had. I have already mentioned the SI drive modes, add on to that the car has traction control (also known as ESP/ESC, which means if it's on, it doesn’t allow the wheels to slip while accelerating hard). I also think it sharpens the throttle response so if you really want performance, switch it off (disclaimer though, the wheels slipping is not a safe thing, so if you have no experience with it, just keep the traction control on, you will still be fast enough). The next feature is one called brake assist, so this kicks in whenever you are braking hard. Apparently, after doing research, they realized most people don’t break hard enough during emergencies, so this feature increases the amount of pressure exerted making the breaking harder (and yea that’s impressive). This is a lower version of Collision Avoidance system which automatically brakes when the car detects the potential for a collision. The owner says this car has this feature, I personally didn’t experience it so I will do a follow up on that once I have enough information, (let us take him at his word).  Lane Assist is the other feature. On the highway, this car will detect and warn you if you are not within your lane. This I tried and it works, very useful. The proximity sensors are there (might I add, they are very aggressive) and constantly warn you on cars too close both ahead of you and behind the car. It has Cruise Control, this you drive the car to a certain speed, on activating it, the car remains at that speed. Usually handy over long drives.
(Another disclaimer, this is NOT a cheap car, it is not cheap to buy neither is it cheap to run, the price is premium and so is the fuel consumption)
This is legit an awesome car, I like it more than I care to admit. That said, I will have to give my unbiased advice, if you are looking to get the most utility, you will be better served by the Forester. It is just more car and the price difference is not that high. By that, I am not in any way saying the Outback is a bad car, it is my obligation to share all my thoughts to YOU.

Damn this article has gone on long enough, feel free to drop any queries and comments on this car and I will address them and decide whether to do a follow up on the Subaru Outback.

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  1. As usual no disappointment. Me love the car too

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    1. Thank you. Feel free to read the others too

  3. Unfortunately these aren't available here, wish to drive it after reading your review. Waiting for next part.


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