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The stream

Right, the owner of this car wanted a Nissan Juke, hehe, They wanted to get a Nissan JUKE. So what does this mean ladies and gentlemen? This means that today, In our blog, we have the first ever couple to seek advice from the Captain and actually go ahead and get what I advised them to. Oh, the joy!!!! ( This is a win just so you know ). Before we get ahead of ourselves though, I will have you know that I had driven the Stream before but I am yet to experience the Juke. Honestly, I think the Juke is one ugly car and I have never been a fan of Nissan ( I feel they have never grasped the concept of ageing gracefully ). Here we are, we have a car I recommended, is it any good and is my advice worth s**t?? I had three days with this car and covered around 800+ km with it. I took it out of Nairobi on Friday and came back on Sunday. Let me share the technical details before getting into the experience. This is a 2012 model with a four-cylinder 1.8l engine. The stream seats seven and it

A boring car?

From my experience, however short it may be, buying a car is a big decision. It involves taking into account a lot of factors. ( plus I don't know if you have noticed, cars in Kenya are pretty expensive ). Now, out of all these cars, no one ever thought, "hey, I want a boring car". I mean not anyone I know of at least. So having that in mind, I would fully recommend a boring car. ( What?? The captain just recommended a boring car??? Signs of the end times maybe?? Could this be an LMD?? ). Nah, I believe strongly that cars should not be boring but this car, this car is a special type of boring.  The unit in our lab today for dissecting is the Honda CRV. Let us go through the numbers fast then get to what really matters. The unit was the third generation CRV with 2.4l Inline 4 engine. The engine in this car is good, and by good I mean it is just powered enough to get the job done. This is not the smallest car out there but it does not overcompensate for its weight with s