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Right, the owner of this car wanted a Nissan Juke, hehe, They wanted to get a Nissan JUKE. So what does this mean ladies and gentlemen? This means that today, In our blog, we have the first ever couple to seek advice from the Captain and actually go ahead and get what I advised them to. Oh, the joy!!!! (This is a win just so you know). Before we get ahead of ourselves though, I will have you know that I had driven the Stream before but I am yet to experience the Juke. Honestly, I think the Juke is one ugly car and I have never been a fan of Nissan (I feel they have never grasped the concept of ageing gracefully). Here we are, we have a car I recommended, is it any good and is my advice worth s**t??

I had three days with this car and covered around 800+ km with it. I took it out of Nairobi on Friday and came back on Sunday. Let me share the technical details before getting into the experience. This is a 2012 model with a four-cylinder 1.8l engine. The stream seats seven and it has plenty of room to work with, especially the middle row and the front row. To get sufficient room in the third row you will have to rearrange the spacing. From my experience though, the third row will serve the kids better. I want to comment on the engine and just a disclaimer before I do that, This is a Family car, It should not be overly fast. That said, as someone who likes performance I do not like this engine too much, but as a blogger trying to give the consumer advice, this engine is definitely good enough. It accelerates okay and if you aren't trying to pull some F1 overtakes, you will probably be okay moving about with this. (Although, on my way back I used the Mai Mahiu route and the performance on the bends uphill was underwhelming, but like I said, it wasn't meant for that sort of driving).
Now one annoyance I had to deal with was the legroom on the driver's seat. Specifically, my left leg was really uncomfortable because the geniuses at Honda decided to put the gear lever right where my knee should be. It got annoying very fast especially over the distance I covered, I was not amused. The seat wasn't impressive either but this is now nitpicking so I will stop.
On to the positives now, the fuel consumption in this car was impressive. I covered the first half of the journey which was around 350km and managed to park the car at night with slightly over half the tank left to spare (I can estimate this to about 13km/l.) I was impressed by this because I wasn't necessarily driving it gently, I was constantly hard on the gas so yea, It definitely can get better. The centre console is nothing flashy, It is pretty straight forward. (Oh yea, it is still not in ENGLISH).
So the question remains, was this a good pick for a family of four looking to buy their first car? Well look at it this way, the car handled everything I threw at it. The long straight, the winding roads, I went off-road the whole of Saturday, the muddy terrain and the rocky spots on the road this car took all this and then some... It still had 6 passengers on board, it carried a whole lot of luggage and managed somehow to give me above average fuel consumption. The car is cheap to run and the spares are available. Heck yea I made the right call!!!! (This feels like me marking an exam I just took, so do share your thoughts if you have any in the comment section).

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