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Mitsubishi RVR

Now, The Mitsubishi RVR, Let me go ahead and give you some back story before we dive into my thoughts on it. The intent from Mitsubishi with this car was to make a vehicle for recreation ( literally, RVR stands for Recreation Vehicle Runner ) ( and NO, I also do know what the runner was meant to imply ). The car has a lot of names over different regions and this article should now make you understand why this car is almost identical to the ASX Mitsubishi. Yes, it is the same car just a different name for a different market. And also, I dropped a picture on this unit and a handful of yall thought it was an EVO... I mean an Evo would be nice so if y'all can hook me up, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one. The unit I had was a 1.8liter engine and right there is where my disappointment starts. This is not a very big car and one would think the engine should be sufficient. Ladies and gentlemen, IT IS NOT . I don't know why but this was underwhelming. I am not a fan of un


I will be the first to admit, today's post will lean ever so slightly towards informing you and not necessarily entertaining you, so tailor your expectation accordingly. I will, however, try my best to keep you interested enough to read thru' this whole piece. Over the course of the blog, I always mention what sort of engine the car is running on. For this specific article, I asked if the fans wanted me to do a piece on the different engine configurations out there. The response was overwhelming! They wanted this article so bad so I had to oblige, here it is finally. ( Okay, by fans I mean my sister showed interest and by overwhelming I mean she mentioned it as a by the way... but hey, I have already started typing, might as well complete the piece.) Moving on, the cars we have covered so far have had the V6, H4, I4 and V8 engines, ( in all fairness the V8 wasn't all that but if you missed it,  click here ). Starting with the numbers accompanying the letters in each confi