I will be the first to admit, today's post will lean ever so slightly towards informing you and not necessarily entertaining you, so tailor your expectation accordingly. I will, however, try my best to keep you interested enough to read thru' this whole piece. Over the course of the blog, I always mention what sort of engine the car is running on. For this specific article, I asked if the fans wanted me to do a piece on the different engine configurations out there. The response was overwhelming! They wanted this article so bad so I had to oblige, here it is finally. (Okay, by fans I mean my sister showed interest and by overwhelming I mean she mentioned it as a by the way... but hey, I have already started typing, might as well complete the piece.)
Moving on, the cars we have covered so far have had the V6, H4, I4 and V8 engines, (in all fairness the V8 wasn't all that but if you missed it, click here).
Starting with the numbers accompanying the letters in each configuration, they stand for the number of cylinders in the engine. To break it down, the cylinders are where the petrol is introduced to a spark and oxygen causing an explosion which pushes the pistons producing power. (Now I know you might be tempted to stop reading but stay with me, it will make more sense). Having that in mind, we have only covered vehicles with 4,6 or 8 cylinders, good? The letter before the numbers refer to how the cylinders are arranged in the engine. So for I4 (sometimes called straight 4 ), its cylinders arranged straight thru the engine. H configurations mean they take the 'H' shape and V means they take the 'V' shape. (At this point I have a feeling you may or may not need pictures to help understand what I am talking about. If you do, I am one step ahead of you).
V6 configuration

H4 engine
i4 (straight 4 engine)

Now that we have a visual representation of the three we can now move forward having an idea of what we are on about. The H4 picture shows the pistons in the cylinders but the other two don't show the cylinders (please imagine them in a cylinder, Thank you).
Now, moving forward from where we are, we will be getting into the realms of engineering and that will greatly reduce the audience that made it this far into the blog (we definitely don't want that). Maybe in some other time, we will get into it but in truth, it does not matter that much to an average consumer. So let me try to wrap this up with my summary. We are at a time where Engineering is at its peak and only getting better, car manufacturers right now have a pretty good idea on what they are doing when it comes to what type of engine they put in their cars. So you will be probably okay with either of the engines I have stated above. To further support my confidence in them, there are regulations being put in place that these manufacturers have to meet. The standards are set and the cars being produced have to meet them. For instance, the bigger engines (v10,v12) are being phased out and replaced with smaller charged engines (either supercharging or turbocharging) and hybrid systems. This I suspect has something to do with emissions, just a hunch. For the majority of car owners, the I4 will get the job done, but for those petrolheads seeking bigger engines the V6, V8 will do a better job. The other factor to consider is the fuel consumption but you knew that already right?? (bigger engine + bigger cylinders/more cylinders + bigger explosions = more fuel needed.)
Anyway, that's all for today, any more inquiries, let me know.

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  1. Awesome post. The technical stuff is pretty interesting too

  2. Finally the fans get to understand tht V8 is not a car but a engine model. ....heads up though, while other manufacturers r shying away frm the V12 configurations, others are embracing it an making it the future identify of their company eg Lamborghini

    1. Haha, we had to demystify the issue and get the fans on the same page. Although even the new Lamborghini's are getting smaller engines. The Huracan has a V10 and the Urus comes with a V8...

  3. Your sense of humor is top notch and concurrently informative. Found this and im already liking it💯

    1. Thank You very much.... I will do another informative piece, so stay tuned


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