Mitsubishi RVR

Now, The Mitsubishi RVR, Let me go ahead and give you some back story before we dive into my thoughts on it. The intent from Mitsubishi with this car was to make a vehicle for recreation (literally, RVR stands for Recreation Vehicle Runner) (and NO, I also do know what the runner was meant to imply). The car has a lot of names over different regions and this article should now make you understand why this car is almost identical to the ASX Mitsubishi. Yes, it is the same car just a different name for a different market.
And also, I dropped a picture on this unit and a handful of yall thought it was an EVO... I mean an Evo would be nice so if y'all can hook me up, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one.
The unit I had was a 1.8liter engine and right there is where my disappointment starts. This is not a very big car and one would think the engine should be sufficient. Ladies and gentlemen, IT IS NOT. I don't know why but this was underwhelming. I am not a fan of underpowered cars and this falls squarely under that category. So what exactly did Mitsubishi mean when they called this a Recreation Vehicle Runner. We have established already that it is a Vehicle so that's good, it is not a Runner because it's definitely not running anywhere with that engine; so we are left with Recreation. This can be understood in a couple of ways and the way I choose to judge it based on is the amount of fun one can have with it, Right? So, Is it any fun to drive? Umh, it looks like it should go fast but NOPE! Hear me out, this car has the best paddle shifters I have ever used, this gave me the excitement to open it up and experience the thrill... Mitsubishi, WHY would you go ahead and put paddle shifters on a car that is not fast? Why would you excite the inner Hamilton in me only to give me mediocre pace coupled with a whole lot of noise and bang average handling? You must be having a giggle, that's just trolling me Mitsubishi!
Let us take stock, RVR, It isn't for Recreation if you use my criteria, It is Vehicle that we are very sure and as for Runner, well... YEA.
Let me give this car a break and try to look at the upsides okay...
To be fair, Recreation can also mean it can offer adventure yea?
The car I tested was 4WD and it allows you to actually decide when to engage all the wheels in the car. (I have noticed a few comments on AWD vs 4WD, let me know if I should do a Piece on that.) I mean this is a good feature because it is kinder on the fuel consumed and given it is mostly used in the city, you really don't need All The Wheels powered All the time so I was genuinely impressed. (If you haven't been reading my work, I always stress, dont get these SUVs in 2WD, Just dont, IT MAKES NO SENSE). The car is pretty comfortable and can comfortably seat 5, although 4 would be ideal. Oh, did I mention this car has a Panoramic sunroof... I think that's the name, but it lets the sunrays in, I guess. That is a nice touch.
I don't like this car (if you hadn't noticed that by now). This car showed so much promise, it is compact, it has the perfect ride height for some adventure, this had the potential to offer excitement and utility but that engine made sure it didn't. The biggest deal-breaker though, (yes, besides all the things I have mentioned) has to be the price, it makes it waaaaay harder to make a case for this car. (GET A 2012 Forester)
The RVR, what are your thoughts about it, let me know.
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  1. Nice piece...I always rated it highly but now I know better...
    Do a piece on vw toureg

    1. Oh, yea, Follow the blog to get updates on the latest and greatest

  2. Once a force to be reckoned with thanks to its famed sports cars, Mitsubishi's star has fallen from the automotive firmament in recent years. Its current lineup consists of lackluster crossovers and miserable economy cars. used cars for sale -


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