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Guard the VAN

Don't Focus on the title of the Article, it genuinely sounds cool while I am writing this. Now let me share my thought process for writing an article. It all starts with the car, I source it and once I have a unit, I check it out. Look around the whole thing, try and find something that will get my attention or something that will stand out. After this, I start it up and go for a drive. Now, this part is pretty important because I don't write about cars I haven't driven. I run around with it for as long as I possibly can then note every single detail on the experience. Once I am done, I take a few pictures then head back to the laptop. I then research on the unit I just tested. I try to understand what does what and compare that to my experience. That's where I research any detail I didn't understand about the car then once that's done, I start writing about it. The aim at the end of the article is to make sure you get entertained and informed. Today we have