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Passo Sette

" Captain, what are your thoughts on the Toyota Passo Sette? ", if I could get a dollar for every time people asked me this exact question, I would definitely still NOT be a millionaire. Listen, it's here so let's just assume that this is the exact article you have been waiting on and yes, let's get in... ( the passo is sette for its review... no? too soon? ) I have a feeling you have probably seen or heard about the Toyota Passo... but I dont think you have had an experience with the Passo Sette. ( For those of us who speak Italian and those that can google, Sette is Seven in English ). Yes, they went ahead and made a Passo that can seat 7 ( on paper )... The Passo Sette is a 7 seater, with a 1500cc engine and comes in two variants, an AWD and Front Wheel Drive. The unit I tested was the FWD variant ( 2012 model ). This is normally where I state the notable features of the car but sadly I can't, not because I dont want to but there just isn't anything

The Honda Stream RSZ

I promise one day I will come up with better titles but for now, let us just dive straight into this. For some back story, I did a piece The Stream a while back, and today we have the Stream v1.5, or better know as the Honda Stream RSZ. ( I figured since this is a slight upgrade to the stream, it should be a river? or like a seasonal river? NO? Okay... ) This article will be a continuation so before reading this kindly  click here to read my piece on the stream.  Right, the Stream RSZ was Honda's attempt to make a sportier version of the already solid Stream ( I am still trying to wrap my head around that, did they really have to do it ). Two questions that need answering, did Honda manage to make a Sportier Car and was I right to recommend the stream over the RSZ... The unit I got to test was a 2l engine with a 5 speed gearbox with paddle shifters and an impressive exhaust ( by impressive I mean the soundtrack accompanying the acceleration was nice ). To add on to that, it h