The Honda Stream RSZ

I promise one day I will come up with better titles but for now, let us just dive straight into this. For some back story, I did a piece The Stream a while back, and today we have the Stream v1.5, or better know as the Honda Stream RSZ. (I figured since this is a slight upgrade to the stream, it should be a river? or like a seasonal river? NO? Okay...) This article will be a continuation so before reading this kindly click here to read my piece on the stream.
 Right, the Stream RSZ was Honda's attempt to make a sportier version of the already solid Stream (I am still trying to wrap my head around that, did they really have to do it). Two questions that need answering, did Honda manage to make a Sportier Car and was I right to recommend the stream over the RSZ...
The unit I got to test was a 2l engine with a 5 speed gearbox with paddle shifters and an impressive exhaust (by impressive I mean the soundtrack accompanying the acceleration was nice). To add on to that, it had traction control, had a body kit with fog lights (which is always a plus) and this unit was All Wheel Drive. As far as differences go, I have covered all of them already. The article could end there but stay with me  for the next few minutes.
The RSZ variant of the stream for starters felt faster than the regular stream (I suspect this had something to do with the slightly bigger engine ). Adding on to that, being able to change gears on your own offered some thrill and the exhaust noise was doing its part in making the car feel faster than it really is.
So, did Honda succeed in making a Sporty version? NO! I mean Yes they did (clearly, since I had a car to test) but still NO! Hear me out, this car is only sporty depending on where you stand. Put this next to the standard Stream and the subtle changes make it a sportier car. That is the only time it can be called sporty, Otherwise it doesn't cut it anywhere else as a sports car. This car should have been called The Stream because personally I don't think they did enough for it to be a totally different car. And who's is the target audience? I mean I don't see any petrol head getting this car because of its sports pedigree... Maybe for a fun dad who has 5 kids and wants the thrill with the average performance? I mean I am struggling to find where this car fits.
Now, don't for a second think this is a bad car, because it really is not. It still has everything the Stream offers and then sum. This is the stream but with a little spice, something extra! SHOULD I HAVE RECOMMENDED THIS OVER THE REGULAR STREAM? Yes, I definitely should have, not because of this sport nonsense but because of the All Wheel Drive. I mean that alone adds a lot of utility to an already impressive car. That said, you will be okay with either, because if we are being completely honest, The RSZ is not much of an upgrade to make the Stream obsolete.

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