Passo Sette

" Captain, what are your thoughts on the Toyota Passo Sette? ", if I could get a dollar for every time people asked me this exact question, I would definitely still NOT be a millionaire. Listen, it's here so let's just assume that this is the exact article you have been waiting on and yes, let's get in... ( the passo is sette for its review... no? too soon? )
I have a feeling you have probably seen or heard about the Toyota Passo... but I dont think you have had an experience with the Passo Sette. (For those of us who speak Italian and those that can google, Sette is Seven in English). Yes, they went ahead and made a Passo that can seat 7 (on paper)...
The Passo Sette is a 7 seater, with a 1500cc engine and comes in two variants, an AWD and Front Wheel Drive. The unit I tested was the FWD variant (2012 model). This is normally where I state the notable features of the car but sadly I can't, not because I dont want to but there just isn't anything notable to mention on this unit. The article could end right here but let me tell you why we are on about the passo Sette today.
I tested this car on a dirt road (Yeah, that's a first) and ladies and gents I had a good time. This car was exciting people, now let's not misinterpret this to mean it was fast. This is normally the hardest part of blogging, trying to get you the reader to experience what I did... That has never stopped us though so let us try it out.
Now close your eyes (okay, don't, just keep them open, I see how closing your eyes would not sit well with me running a blog), and get in the car. The interior is as basic as it gets with the speedo centrally placed (which is a placement I dont like). Then you notice the gear lever placed next to the AC controllers and some extra storage compartment where the speedometer should be. Fire it up and start moving and realise this car has some pull. Immediately you disregard all the stereotypes and tell the car "Show me what you can do". You decide to change gears manually and then you familiarize the accelerator with the metal on the floor. The little car doesn't shy away, it moves, it's sharp, it's light, you get to feel the road, the level of grip and the occasional understeer which instead of scaring you, only makes you wanna go fast. I will have to be honest, I didn't expect to like this car, but I did. It is not the most powerful neither is it the fastest but I think that is part of its excitement. I had fun with the Toyota Crown too but with that, the fun was always accompanied by some level of fear. The combination of a light car and a good engine just made this Passo Sette all fun no fear because deep down I knew, I could handle anything that came my way given the speed wasn't that high.
Let us wrap this up,
What we have learnt today is that the passo sette is a good track car???? 
This car should not be a 7 seater, other than that, it is proper fun.

PS, I will write more informative pieces, hope you enjoyed this.


  1. I loved this car at first sight a few years ago though I had my fears with it being a sette


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