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AWD vs 4WD

Right, so I am chilling in my house and then my friend calls me and she is like, Ace, I am having an argument with my friends over the difference between 4WD and AWD. I wasn't ready but I feel the response I gave her was sufficient. ( Spoiler alert, this will be more informative than entertaining but like always, I will try to keep you interested long enough to see it thru ). I did some research and I realised manufacturers are in the habit of throwing these terms around, mostly for marketing purposes. So they will slap a 4WD sticker on a car to appeal to a specific target market. Before we dive deep into this article, let us clarify some basics first. Different manufacturers go about the business of delivering power to the wheels from the engine differently. In this specific article, I will focus on power delivered to all wheels. I will, however, break this article into two parts and start with AWD systems. This printscreen shows the symmetry...  To try to break this a

Karting Experience

Right, let's take a minute or five to have a little chat about Go Karting. After driving the Passo Sette on some dirt road ( click here for that article ), it woke up the inner Hamilton in me. I decided to call a couple of friends and go Karting. Here are 5 things you should know about the experience;  1. It is NOT a cheap sport It really is not. For those readers who watch F1 have an idea on how expensive the sport is and I will have you know, it scales down all the way to Karting. Of course cheap is relative but generally, it falls on the expensive side of things. For instance, the track we were at charges 1300 Ksh for 10minutes. Generally, that is the price and it doesn't fluctuate that much from one track to another. On the other hand, a new Go-Kart will set you back roughly 500,000 Ksh, you could get that and spend the whole day at the track for 1300 Ksh. Let us not forget that the tires wear out and will need constant replacement to be able to set competitive times.