Karting Experience

Right, let's take a minute or five to have a little chat about Go Karting. After driving the Passo Sette on some dirt road (click here for that article), it woke up the inner Hamilton in me. I decided to call a couple of friends and go Karting. Here are 5 things you should know about the experience;

 1. It is NOT a cheap sport
It really is not. For those readers who watch F1 have an idea on how expensive the sport is and I will have you know, it scales down all the way to Karting. Of course cheap is relative but generally, it falls on the expensive side of things. For instance, the track we were at charges 1300 Ksh for 10minutes. Generally, that is the price and it doesn't fluctuate that much from one track to another. On the other hand, a new Go-Kart will set you back roughly 500,000 Ksh, you could get that and spend the whole day at the track for 1300 Ksh. Let us not forget that the tires wear out and will need constant replacement to be able to set competitive times...

2. Being a driver does not mean you will be good at it
Karting offers an experience slightly different to your everyday driving. For one, you brake with your left foot and accelerate with your right. Drivers reading this know you can't/shouldn't do that in a normal car. Then the tires used are slicks (have no treads) and the general rule for using these tires is the faster you go, the more grip/traction you will get. PS, Check the tyre conditions before going out, else you will lose a lot of grip and end up in the tyre barrier; make sure they are not worn out. So once you get to the track, forget everything about driving on the roads and start afresh, you will enjoy it more not having the mental constraints set by your driving experience.

Now, this will be hard to wrap your mind around but the car will not flip. It will slide around depending on how hard you drive it, but it will not rollover. So feel free to find your limits. Let the car tell you how fast it can go round a corner and not your brain, you will be shocked how fast you can go round bends.

Explaining this is hard but I will try. If you find yourself mostly in the middle of the track, then probably, you are not going fast enough. By pushing the Karts to the limits of traction you will definitely find yourself needing more track. Identify the racing lines and use all of the track. You will hit the barrier once or twice but with time, your times will improve and you will probably make a lot of overtakes.

Should you spend your hard-earned money, going round and round a track in an overpriced toy? Yes, It really is. You do not even have to be interested in racing or be a driver to enjoy this. If you have no interest in racing then still, the adrenaline rush you get from this is worth it.  If you love motor racing then this is it Chief.

Oh yea, another pro tip; you will have the best time with a group of friends, especially if you are completely destroying them ;)

And Yes, I really did completely destroy my friends on the track, I mean, its the Captain behind the wheel, what did you expect??


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