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Toyota Ractis... Right! There is a Sub Trezia running around looking like a Ractis... and that's because it mostly is a Ractis... I don't even want to get started on what agreement led that but it exist. ( The design team did not do a very good job on this car, it is borderline unispiring and frankly just dull ) So what does this little car have to offer? You have probably seen it, it’s a small car, a small city car to be accurate. This information is necessary as the conditions I tested it under did not flatter it one bit. Let's try paint a picture; Imagine how the Ractis looks like, right? You have it in mind? Good... Picture it with 5 adults in it... Let's not forget their luggage now!!... Is the picture vivid in your mind? Trust me, it was way more cramped than you think! We left Nairobi at around 11:00pm and heading to HomaBay county… ( not a short drive by any standard ). Having that in mind we can now get into the details of how the car performe

The Nissan Bluebird Sylphy

It has been a while.. so lets try and make up for lost time. It’s a blue bird. Is this the first Nissan we featured here? I think it is, actually spare a second to check all the other articles to see if it is the first Nissan here. Right, let's have a little chat about the Nissan Bluebird. I am not a huge fan of Nissans I have to admit, but as a professional, I will try and be as unbiased as I can. ( I wouldn’t hold my breath on that though ). Background search gives us an idea on what Nissan had in mind when they made the Nissan Bluebird ( Sylphy in most markets ). Apparently Nissan wanted to make a car for the modern career lady in a city somewhere.  Eer, so like a budget E - class? Not really but like I said, we are going to break it down with the utmost objectivity and professionalism. What boxes does the bluebird tick, gauging it by its intended standards. This car has so much room. I mean I don’t know how Nissan did it but the back seats have so much leg-room, it'