The Nissan Bluebird Sylphy

It has been a while.. so lets try and make up for lost time.

It’s a blue bird. Is this the first Nissan we featured here? I think it is, actually spare a second to check all the other articles to see if it is the first Nissan here.

Right, let's have a little chat about the Nissan Bluebird. I am not a huge fan of Nissans I have to admit, but as a professional, I will try and be as unbiased as I can. (I wouldn’t hold my breath on that though).
Background search gives us an idea on what Nissan had in mind when they made the Nissan Bluebird (Sylphy in most markets). Apparently Nissan wanted to make a car for the modern career lady in a city somewhere.  Eer, so like a budget E - class? Not really but like I said, we are going to break it down with the utmost objectivity and professionalism.
What boxes does the bluebird tick, gauging it by its intended standards. This car has so much room. I mean I don’t know how Nissan did it but the back seats have so much leg-room, it's uncanny because you wouldn’t think that before jumping in one. It does not stop there, the trunk too got the same treatment and is very big; and it is well lit at night (you wouldn't know how handy this little bulb is until you use a car without one. This boot lighting alone should make you want
to buy the car… ).

Moving on swiftly for the well lit boot, the car has a 4-cylinder engine and here is where my complaints start. (I assure you the boot and the leg room aren't the only pros to this car but hear me out). I will not go easy on it because Nissan should be able to get more power from this engine. I don’t even want to call it a city car because this is a full blown sedan and that means it should be able to comfortably chew up miles with more than enough umph!
Listen, you don’t give us a car this big and tune the engine to give us substandard power.
I don’t want to be calculating where I need to start accelerating to be able to successfully overtake a car.
I don’t want too much noise when I am climbing a hill.
I don’t want to switch off the AC when I need more power.
I want none of that!
But Captain, there are other Nissan with bigger engines and better performance…. Yes, they exist but I am not talking about them now am I?
This is the slightly cheaper more economical version captain, give it a break…… No, I really don’t feel like it. This is a big family car and it should do so much more. I want to carry 5 adults, have a big boot to carry all the supplies from my village and overtake a trailer up a hill while I am cool from the AC with little to no noise from the engine as I am listening to my favorite rapper!!!
Speaking of listening to music, How do you offer an AUX option and not give us an AUX port?? That is Just being lazy Nissan! and If it actually exists and I couldn't find it then it really should be somewhere else.

Wait, was I supposed to be unbiased in this article?

My bad.

This is a good car to own, it will offer good enough power, and a lot of room, above average fuel consumption and fairly cheap to run (let's not forget the light at the trunk). If you need more power, check out other V6 NISSANS in the market, one of them should probably satisfy your need for speed.(My advice, get the GTR if you can😉).

PS: I hope everyone is staying safe. Wash you hands and stay indoors... Captain's Orders.


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