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Toyota AXIO

The Toyota Axio…  A car loved and cherished by Uber..? NO? Eer, it's fair to say this car is not a head turner in any way, shape or form. I don’t think people actually like it that much, but somehow it sells. Well it got my attention and here we are. That can only mean there is something about it that made it warrant a review. To be completely honest, I ended up driving this car because the other option was a Nissan Tiida. Given I was travelling from Nairobi to somewhere past Kisumu, I figured the Axio was the lesser evil. I barely slept the night before, so being the model driver that I am😆, I started driving from Nakuru all the way to my destination. Starting with the amount of room available in the car, I sat in the co-driver's seat and honestly there isn’t anything mind blowing to report about. Also, after some research on this unit, it turns out it's just a Corolla underneath but with some size restrictions. That applies to the engine size too, but more on that late