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AWD vs 4WD Revisited

Right, This has been a long time coming so let us get right into it.  Last we talked about AWD systems we highlighted the Subaru's implementation of the same. To get all caught up, click here to get to the article. I will however provide a disclaimer before getting this article started... These terms ( 4WD and AWD ) are normally thrown around by manufacturers and have been reduced to marketing tools. The general idea is to have the power sent to all the four wheels. That is the only similarity as the implementation will vary across different manufacturers. 4WD are normally associated with big off-road cars. Cars that are built to pretty much tackle any terrain thrown at it. Having this in mind, we will explore what differentials are and why they play a huge part in the pros and cons of this system. The differential delivers power to the wheels. For most 4WD vehicles, they offer the option to manually engage the four wheels and options to locks the differential. Now this is very e