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Mercedes Vs Toyota

Now before you crucify me for daring to make this comparison, hear me out... Please... Right, I have no idea how this article is going to go, but I am excited nonetheless. Out of the cars I have reviewed, I happen to have used the Crown the most. In all fairness, this is no average car and I think it had genuinely ruined my driving experience. Almost every car that came after this always felt like a disappointment. The cars were underwhelming and the excitement was no longer there. The Crown spoilt me, making me entitled to demand that level of performance from every other car. As you suspect, not many cars matched up to that. Today however... hehe ... Today is a good day. We have a big boy in our blog. The question is, will it measure up??  The idea initially was to compare the Crown to the C200 Merc, but after today, I see no need because I am convinced beyond doubt that the C200 cannot compete. Reason being, I got my hands on an E-class, to be specific the E250. Let's go thru th